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HC Oakes – Vocals and Guitar


HC Oakes is the leader, co-founder and the heart and soul of The HC Oakes Band. His melodic vocals are the centerpiece of the band and his soulful guitar playing compliments his feel of the music.

Amy Ehrlich – Vocals and Percussion


Amy Ehrlich has been singing in front of audiences since the age of 6. She has a three octave vocal range and loves to sing the low, bluesy alto sounds just as much as the high soprano. Her lead and backup vocals help the band deliver some of the best vocals around.

Paul Marshburn – Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals


Paul Marshburn has played guitar for most of his life. Rooted in blues expressions, his playing style ranges from finger picking country blues shuffles, to melodic swings, to classic rock riffs and progressions. His vocal melody caps off classic three and four part harmonies for the band.

mike brick bkgd.jpg
Mike Robertson – Bass and Vocals


Mike Robertson lays down the bass lines that makes The HC Oakes Band’s songs rock. Building solid rhythm pockets with the drummer and then overlaying sweet fills and low end bass runs, he provides a powerful background setting the stage for the rest of the band. And he adds the low end bass vocals.

Nick Elhini – Drums and Percussion


Nick Elhini, co-founder of the band, started playing drums in the 5th grade. Whether using hand drums or a full kit, Nick’s dynamic percussion provides the driving rhythms and lays down the foundation sound of The HC Oakes Band.

David brick bkgd.jpg
David Nelson—Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals


David Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist and has played in various bands since he was a teenager. He is trained in classical and gospel piano, music theory and has been influenced by a range of genres. He is a seasoned session player and while he specializes in keyboards, he provides additional guitar and vocals.

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