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The HC Oakes Band’s Latest Release - Coming Home

We are excited to release our third album of original music, Coming Home. The songs, written by HC except where noted, have a theme of someone going through life in different relationships. The first song, Sixteen, brings back memories of a first love. Billy is about a relationship of living on the edge and life going sideways. I Won’t Let Go (written by Brad Davis) is about someone who wants reconciliation with a lost love. She’s All Mine is a high energy song of a couple hitting on all cylinders. The title song, Coming Home To You, is seeking redemption while returning home for the stability, security and love it brings. The album concludes with For Me and For You (written by David Wittmann), a song capturing a beautiful love for someone and the eventuality of passing over to the over side. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Cade Ratcliff. Cade played an instrumental role in the arrangements of the songs and, along with other members of the band, played multiple instruments. Jay Henson played banjo and pedal steel guitars and we added baritone guitar to our typical assortments of instruments. We were pushed to new levels of vocal harmonies and phrasing. Sit back and listen to the album in order from the first to the last song and ride along with the different relationships and experiences of the people characterized. We will be releasing the full album on all major streaming platforms in April 2023. Meanwhile, feel free to stream from the links below and/or buy the album for download onto your listening device. Enjoy and thanks so much for your ongoing support of us living out our dreams!

Coming Home, The Album


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